Transform Your Workflow

NOVO™ provides the digital power to get information quicker than ever before. The result is the benefit of knowing that you have the right tool to do the job.

The Tool Advisor uses a rules-based approach to provide cutting tool recommendations based on machining features (e.g., shoulder, pocket, blind hole, etc.), and their requirements (e.g., geometric, material, tolerance, etc.) while considering machining sequences (e.g., single operation, rough then finish, or multi-step operations).
NOVO™ then ranks these results based on proprietary WIDIA knowledge to best meet the challenges of the application as defined by customer requirements, operating environment, and user preferences.



Productivity On Demand

NOVO is a single-source, on-demand performance solution. We empower your workflow with the knowledge it needs to translate planning, modeling, tooling and assembly into tangible, sustainable operating efficiencies.

The Opportunity


Imagine running in perfect, synchronized harmony. Any project, any challenge, optimized and refined using digital intelligence to fundamentally transform your workflow into seamless, elegant, simple production. From art to part — to profit.

With NOVO™ you can now have the right tools on your machines, in the right sequence. This enterprise-wide solution ensures that you execute flawlessly to accelerate every job, maximize every shift. And that should be music to your ears.

Extreme Challenges™
Extreme Results™



  • Faster, more accurate job quoting

  • Data-rich machining strategies to minimize guesswork

  • Connects process planning to production

  • Simplifies selection, application and acquisition of cutting tools


New in v2.4

Product Data Enhancements
  • 3,400 new and updated 3D models
  • The new "Machine Adapter Advisor" allows the ranking of adapters based on different user inputs such as the available gage length, connection type and system size or coolant.


User Interface Enhancements
  • Folders can now be created inside Job Management to better organize your jobs.
  • My Account features a new Contact List that makes it easier and faster to send and share your work.
  • Jobs, Machines, Carts or invites to WorkGroups can be sent to multiple contacts at a time.
  • A new Expand/Collapse All feature is available in the Tool and Feature lists.
  • The Expand/Collapse state is saved in the cloud and is persistent for any list, any job or any device using your account.
  • Report 3D issues in 1 click directly from the 3D viewer.
  • The Tool name is editable directly from the Tool Assembly view. You can now name a tool before adding it to your job.
  • Other various UI improvements.
  • The Machines and Spindles information are now displayed in the reports.
  • The report files type (Excel or PDF) can be selected directly from the Save As dialog.
Feeds and Speeds
  • Enter the Feeds and Speeds information even when the manufacturer's recommendation is not available to output in the reports and exports.


Filters and Catalog Search
  • A new "Custom Tool Configurable" filter makes is easier to find tools that can be modified and ordered through the app.
  • Replacements will be displayed for obsolete spare parts when available.
  • All Star can now be sorted by region: Europe or North America.
  • It is now possible to add pre-obsolete items to shopping carts.
  • Prices for individual items has been added to the shopping carts.
  • Warnings have been added when exporting jobs to our consumer partners when potential issues are detected: missing CAD models or tool mapping.
  • Automatic job import for supported Wintool versions.

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