Transform Your Workflow

NOVO™ provides the digital power to get information quicker than ever before. The result is the benefit of knowing that you have the right tool to do the job.

The Tool Advisor uses a rules-based approach to provide cutting tool recommendations based on machining features (e.g., shoulder, pocket, blind hole, etc.), and their requirements (e.g., geometric, material, tolerance, etc.) while considering machining sequences (e.g., single operation, rough then finish, or multi-step operations).
NOVO™ then ranks these results based on proprietary WIDIA knowledge to best meet the challenges of the application as defined by customer requirements, operating environment, and user preferences.



Productivity On Demand

NOVO is a single-source, on-demand performance solution. We empower your workflow with the knowledge it needs to translate planning, modeling, tooling and assembly into tangible, sustainable operating efficiencies.

The Opportunity


Imagine running in perfect, synchronized harmony. Any project, any challenge, optimized and refined using digital intelligence to fundamentally transform your workflow into seamless, elegant, simple production. From art to part — to profit.

With NOVO™ you can now have the right tools on your machines, in the right sequence. This enterprise-wide solution ensures that you execute flawlessly to accelerate every job, maximize every shift. And that should be music to your ears.

Extreme Challenges™
Extreme Results™



  • Faster, more accurate job quoting

  • Data-rich machining strategies to minimize guesswork

  • Connects process planning to production

  • Simplifies selection, application and acquisition of cutting tools


New in v2.5

What's new in NOVO Kennametal v2.5!


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The NOVO WIDIA App has been updated with the following improvements


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Product Data Enhancements

·         16,860 new and updated 3D models

·         4,320 updated products

Quick Search

·         "DUO-λOCK®" can be found by typing for "Duo-L" or "Duo-Lock" (case-insensitive).



·         The new My Tools filter makes it easy to build assembly with items available in My Workshop.

·         Improved thread type filters for Thread Mills and Taps


3D Viewer

·         The viewer can now be resized by dragging the left edge.

·         Double clicking the blue title bar will make the viewer full screen. Double clicking again will restore the view to its original size.

·         Zooming using the mouse wheel now uses the cursor's location. It makes it easier to work with long assemblies, zoom into specific details of the model. It also combines the zoom and pan in one action for less clicks and an better user experience.

·         A new Front View button makes it easy to orientate the model and look and the tool profile.

·         Using the hyperlink at the bottom of the viewer, users can now easily report any problems in one click.

·         User can now report problems or request missing 3D models in one click by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of the 3D Viewer.



·         Users can now copy the text from any grids: Left Click then Ctrl+C or Right click and select "Copy Text".

·         It is now possible to delete items in the middle of an assembly, if the result still is a valid assembly. It makes it very easy to make existing assembly shorter by removing an extension for instance.

·         Jobs can now be sorted by name.

·         Users can now resize any column from any grid.

·         The user contacts auto-complete feature is now available when typing a distributor email address and when placing a quote.

·         The item images display has been improved in Tool Assembly, My Tools, Tool List, Quick Search and Shopping Cart.

·         Users can add new machines from the machine selection combobox in Job Information, Tool advisor and Ranking Properties, saving a lot of clicks. Upon saving the new machine, it is set to the default machine of the job/assembly that is editing.

·         Tool advisor assemblies are now named: "Feature Name - Operation Name" to make it easier to use when exported to our CAM software partners.

·         In My Machines, the "Speed at Maximum Power" field has been added in Spindle information group to make it easier to compare machines.

·         The Delete key shortcut has been added to My Machines and My Tool Assembly.

·         The Cart Management UI has been enhanced for a better and more compact view.

·         Starting with version 2.5, when users are running an expired version, they will get a clear explanation as well as a quick and easy way to update their app.


My Workshop

·         There are different reasons why an item can be in My Tools: it was added manually, it was added by synchronizing My Tools with an external Tool Management system or it is shared by other users in the Workgroup. The new "Source" column makes it easy to understand where items are coming from.

·         Users can now Add to Carts and check Availability directly from My Tools.

·         It is possible to sort and filter Columns in the Item view of My Tools.


Download Model

·         The Download Model menu was redesigned to make selecting the type of model and the file extension easier. Note that the file extension is now selected in the Save As dialog.

·         The Download Model button is now available in the artwork view allowing downloading models for items without creating assemblies.

·         Users can now download 2D Profiles (SVG) from the Download Model button.


Export to software partners

·         2D Profiles (SVG) can now be generated for individual items.

·         Assembly measurements are now calculated and output in the report.xml for any tool orientation in milling, drilling and turning.

·         Coordinate systems (MCS/PCS/CSW) are now output in the report.xml.

·         Cutting Reference Point (CRP) is now output in the report.xml for any tool in turning

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