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Adaptéry 45° TA pro držáky se čtvercovou stopkou

Product specifications
Product # 6334587
ISO Catalog Number PSC5045TAR2020M
ANSI Catalog Number PSC5045TAR2020M
[BW] Shank Width Metric 20
[HW] Shank Height Metric 20
[LPR]Protruding Length Metric 98
Weight Kilograms 1.75
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45° TA • Metrické

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [BW] Shank Width Metric [HW] Shank Height Metric [LPR]Protruding Length Metric Weight Kilograms
6334587 PSC5045TAR2020M PSC5045TAR2020M 20 20 98 1.75
6334590 PSC5045TAL2020M PSC5045TAL2020M 20 20 98 2.01

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Manufacturer’s Specs: ISO 26623
  • Shank - PSC
  • Through Coolant: Axial: Drilling