New VariMill GP™ Portfolio from WIDIA

High-Productivity, Multi-Purpose End Milling


LATROBE, PA — Many manufacturing industries around the world – automotive and transportation, aerospace, energy, and general engineering – are experiencing new levels of growth and activity. Growth brings with it competition and increasing customer demands for improved performance and cost control. VariMill GP™ from WIDIA is a powerful end-milling response that brings significant benefits (multi-function flexibility, consistent performance, increased tool life, and affordability) to manufacturers across a number of fronts.

VariMill GP (General Purpose) is the latest in WIDIA’s “Vari” family of tools, which extends to VariDrill™ and VariTap™. “The ‘Vari-‘ in VariMill stands for variability, and essentially, this means high flexibility for manufacturers,” says Global Product Manager Bernd Fiedler. Job shops by nature live and die by their ability to attack multiple, small-lot jobs under tight deadlines. Removing more metal at high rates across multiple operations with a single go-to multi-function tool means lower tool costs and better throughput compared to a lineup of high-performance specialty options.

VariMill GP is a portfolio of multi-purpose end mills suitable for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing in an expanded range of work materials (aluminum, steels, stainless steels, and cast irons). The key benefits to manufacturing companies include reduced inventory and tool management on your machine tools as one tool covers roughing and finishing; lower tool costs due to long tool life at value pricing; and ease of reconditioning to keep the production flowing. With all these advantages, WIDIA is truly a one-stop shop for the most value in solid-carbide end mills.

Consisting of two- and four-flute versions in square-end, chamfered-edge, and ball-nose configurations, VariMill GP end mills prove their performance increases through advanced design features. A 30-degree helix angle and eccentric relief provides strong edges and stability for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing with the same tool. A thick TiAlN coating contributes to extended tool life across steel, stainless steel, and cast iron workpieces and milling, ramping, or slotting operations.

VariMill GP mills are available in inch and metric sizes along with varying lengths and shank styles. Customers looking to handle more work across more materials will do well to increase their flexibility and lower their costs with these truly multi-function, long-life, general-purpose mills.


HydroForce™ Hydraulic Chucks

High-torque chucks also benefit milling performance, and with among the highest levels of transmittable torque due to a more compact design, featuring a 40% thicker front-wall cross-section, the new WIDIA HydroForce HT universal hydraulic chuck provides the increased rigidity necessary for improved cutting parameters and better results. Clamping force is up to three times better than regular hydraulic chucks, and with improved vibration dampening, runout is three microns at 2X diameter overhang. Balance quality of G2.5 is achieved at speeds up to 25,000 rpm.

“All this robust performance is available in a high-torque chuck requiring only two sizes for all your rotating tooling tasks,” according to Kennametal. Direct clamping is available for 20 and 32 mm (0.75 and 1.5 in.) diameters and reducer sleeves are applied for all other diameters.


Featured in NOVO™

Moreover, the WIDIA VariMill GP portfolio is available through NOVO™, WIDIA’s digital process knowledge application. With powerful process knowledge available on iPad™ and other digital devices, NOVO helps users define machining features, such as milling, slotting, or ramping in specific work materials, and then immediately reduces the product set to those like VariMill GP that can do the job, taking into account constraint requirements such as material, tolerance, and machining sequence. NOVO then ranks the results—based on knowledge-based rules—to best meet the challenges of the application as defined by the customer’s operating environment and user preferences. This provides far more useful process knowledge than any online catalog alone, all obtained in a fraction of the time.

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