Introducing NOVO™: Digital WIDIA Knowledge That Delivers Extreme Results

NOVO™ digitizes tool, rules, and application knowledge and remakes estimating, planning, production, inventory and more

LATROBE, PA – WIDIA has a saying: “Extreme Challenges – Extreme Results.” Over the years, this has come to mean metalworking productivity breakthroughs for numerous shops from such well-known WIDIA names as VariMill™, VariTap™, WIDIA Victory™, and numerous others.

In the future of what some have coined Industry 4.0 extreme opportunities exist in the digital integration of tooling data and knowledge to the shop floor. Extreme results are possible through integrating accurate, complete tool data, rules, and application knowledge digitally to dramatically rethink and shorten process planning, adding real value to CAD/CAM, CNC machine control, presetting, inventory management, and more.

This is what WIDIA envisions with their launch of their new NOVO™ desktop and tablet application – on demand cutting edge delivery of cutting tool data and expertise for reduced product development and manufacturing lead times.

“NOVO™ data represents real WIDIA tools and how they fit, function, and perform over a variety of machining scenarios,” says Bernie McConnell, vice president, WIDIA Products Group and Services. “Importing NOVO™ makes CAD/CAM programs more functional and valuable because the tools fit and move as designed. Implementing NOVO™ makes estimating and process planning a breeze because it supplies entire assemblies and spare parts lists with “best fit” functionality that otherwise takes hours of time finding in catalogs and product literature. NOVO™ empowers inventory management, purchasing and other vital shop processes because it is real expertise based on decades of development experience. It truly empowers shops to take on extreme challenges with extreme results.”

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