WIDIA Victory Portfolio: Higher Turning Productivity, Lower Costs Across Wide Range of Materials

LATROBE, Pa. — With overwhelmingly positive feedback from pre-launch customers, new high-performance WIDIA™ Victory™ turning grades deliver increased productivity with improved surface finishes and longer tool life across steel, stainless steel, cast irons, and specialty alloys.

“These are significant new turning solutions including 10 different grades and 14 different geometries, including five new chipbreaker designs,” says John Gable, product manager, global turning products for WIDIA. “And in many cases, the results are not just marginal improvements, but more like double the number of parts versus other inserts.”

WIDIA’s Victory inserts employ coating technologies to improve wear resistance and allow for higher speed and / or feed capabilities. Additional post-coat treatment provides increased cutting-edge toughness to reduce the depth of cut notching and extend tool life.  WIDIA Victory inserts are ground after coating to provide a secure seating surface, adding to tool reliability.

“Whether the task is light or medium turning under favorable conditions or heavy-duty roughing with heavy interrupted cuts, there is a WIDIA Victory insert that will improve your results,” Gable says. “Customers can machine more parts per insert and get higher dependability at elevated cutting speeds. The bottom line is more uptime and higher throughput to get parts out the door faster.”

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