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Our philosophy is simple—be the best. We come from humble beginnings, but our industriousness and fortitude keep us ahead of the market.  Innovation. Creativity. Productivity. These are the very foundation on which all that we are has been built. Our endeavors have led to unparalleled metal removal rates and titanium machining optimized through geometry.

But maybe our greatest strength is helping our customers reach their full potential. We are more than innovators. We are educators. We not only create bold, new technologies, we help others see the possibilities afforded through them. That’s why those who want the best solutions for their machining needs come to us. To those who think they don’t deserve the best, all we can say is, “You do.”

Be the best you can be with the best solutions to fit your needs.

Productivity: Unparalleled metal removal rates

Innovation: Titanium machining optimized through geometry

Durability: precision-engineered, solid carbide solutions


We offer an extensive portfolio of end mills for a wide range of workpiece materials.


Transform your workflow from art to part to profit.
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