WIDIA M200 Series Milling Cutters

The new WIDIA M200 series of indexable milling cutters features our double-sided round carbide inserts with up to 12 effective cutting edges.

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Milling Cutter Features:

  • Unique anti-rotaton feature for excellent stability for high feed rates
  • Easy-to-index insert pocket
  • Cutter body marking means proper alignment of insert in the pocket
  • Higher clearance in the body for pocketing, profiling, and 5-axis and 3-axis machining
  • Ideal for linear ramping, helical interpolation, pocketing, and profiling
  • Use for roughing to semi-finishing in face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, and profiling applications
  • Uniquely designed for complex applications like turbine blade machining, and difficult applications in the die & mold industry

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WIDIA M200 Milling Cutter

What You'll Like About These Inserts

  • Double-sided with 12 effective cutting edges for the best efficiency and cost per edge
  • Expanded insert offering includes 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm IC inserts
  • PSTS insert type to give you the best cost-per-edge efficiencies
  • Insert designed for better stability and reliability
  • Excellent metal removal rates, especially in pocketing
  • Unique anti-rotation feature means higher feed rates and better insert usage
  • Insert topography detail shows the geometry and cutting edge number for easy, accurate indexing in the pocket

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Three different topographies and new WIDIA Victory™ milling grades can be applied over a range of workpiece materials.    

Medium to heavy machining
10° positive T-land + hone
First choice for general-purpose machining

Light to medium machining
Honed edge
First choice for stainless steel and titanium machining

Heavy machining
0° T-land + hone
First choice for heavy machining and cast iron

WIDIA Victory Grades:

WP40PM - Latest multi-layer AlCrN-TiAlN coated carbide technology achieves less micro chipping and increased wear resistance for excellent cutting edge strength. Specially developed for machining steel materials with higher feed rates and/or axial cuts of ISO material group P40 in rough milling applications. Excellent for large radial width of cut, castings with scales, and surfaces with varying thicknesses. Use in wet or dry machining.   WS30PM – High-performance TiAlN-PVD milling grade for machining titanium and stainless steels. Specifically developed to operate in ISO SM30 application range at higher speeds with superior wear resistance. This grade the 1st choice for light machining. Use mainly for wet conditions.
WK15PM - TiAlN-PVD-coated carbide grade for general machining of ductile cast iron. Use with or without coolant.   WU35PM - High-performance TiAlN-PVD-coated carbide grade for milling steel, stainless steel, and high-temp alloys. Use for wet or dry machining in general and heavy machining.
WP25PM - AlTiN-PVD-coated carbide grade for high-temperature alloys and stainless steel. Resists breakage for better wear resistance.   WP35CM - Multilayered coated carbide grade with advanced Victory post-coat treatment. Use in general and rough machining of steels and cast irons. Ideal in dry machining, but can be used wet.


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