Trochoidal Milling

Varimill trochoidal milling

Trochoidal milling is an efficient way to cut a slot other than using the standard slot milling method. In trochoidal milling, an end mill is used to machine the slot width using a circular movement. This is called the trochoid method. It's an efficient way to produce slots using high-speed machining methods.

Why Use Trochoidal Milling?

  • This method enables you to machine a slot width that is larger than the cutting diameter of the tool. In typical slot milling, you are limited to make a slot only as wide as the slot milling cutter.
  • Using an end mill in the trochoid method makes it efficient, and convenient, to machine several slot widths using the same tool diameter.
  • Higher feeds and cutting speeds can be achieved when you use a small radial depth of cut.
  • End mills with close pitch can be used, which enables higher feeds and speeds than allowed with typical slotting mills.
  • Trochoidal milling often is a faster way to mill slots compared to typical slot milling.

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WIDIA End Mills for Trochoidal Milling

Our complete line of VariMill end mills are ideal for trochoidal milling, from fine finishing to roughing in multiple materials.

  • VariMill I end mills - high metal removal rates. Fewer passes due to 1xD slotting capability on most materials
  •  VariMill II end mills - excellent for high-performance, chatter-free machining. 1xD slotting in titanium and stainless steels with 5 unequally spaced flutes. Rough and finish with one tool.
  •  VariMill II ER (eccentric relief) end mills - ideal for machining slots in titanium, and performance life approximately 40% longer than standard end mills
  • VariMill II Long end mills - 4xD length of cut, unequal flute spacing, for finishing and semi-finishing applications.

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VariMill End Mills for Trochoidal Milling



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