WIDIA VSM11 Milling Cutters & Inserts

High-Performance WIDIA Victory Shoulder Mill 11™ (VSM11) Milling Cutters and Inserts

Achieve true 90° shoulder milling with VSM11 cutting tools

If you need a go-to tool for high-performance 90° shoulder milling, choose the new WIDIA Victory™ Shoulder Mill 11 (VSM11). These high-performance milling cutters do more of what needs to be done, from light, precise machining to medium roughing – in profiling, slotting, ramping, helical and circular interpolation, and other milling applications. These milling cutters are especially suited for job shops that see a wide range of applications.

Make VSM11 the go-to tool because it:

  • covers multiple functions such as shoulder milling, slotting, pocket milling, ramping and helical interpolation.
  • has inserts available in six WIDIA Victory™ grades for a variety of workpiece materials.
  • has the performance life to make it an economical win for current and future production jobs

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VSM11 is versatile. It is designed:

  • specifically for higher productivity seen in most job shops.
  • for reduced horsepower at the machine
  • for higher speed and feed rates to get jobs done faster

Why you'll like the VSM11:

  • cutter bodies have an integral chip gash design for excellent chip evacuation
  • one cutter can do 90° shoulder milling, full slotting, 3D pocket milling, circular contour milling ID and OD, helical interpolation and ramping into full material
  • hardened-steel construction and hardened pocket seats for improved resistance to deformation
  • available in shell, screw on, cylindrical shank, and Weldon shank models with internal air and coolant capability
  • reduced cutting forces and improved free-cutting action for a drastic increase in tool life hours

An excellent milling cutter needs an even better insert. The VSM11 11mm insert:

  • has an optimized cutting edge and positive rake face that provides a true 90° wall
  • reduces cutting forces and provides excellent, stepless surface finishes
  •  is available in six WIDIA Victory grades and five geometries


- roughing & finishing of aluminum alloys
- high precision
- periphery ground
- roughing and finishing of aluminum alloys
- abrasive non-ferrous materials
- high precision
- periphery ground
- light to medium machining
- first choice for stainless steels & titanium
- periphery ground
- medium to heavy machining
- first choice for general purpose materials
- precision PSTS
- first choice for heavy duty machining
- steel & cast iron materials
- precision PSTS


Get Started With a Starter Kit!

A VSM11 Starter Kit of four cutter bodies and WIDIA Victory grade WP40PM, covering roughing to finishing, is available by contacting your WIDIA distributor.

To locate a WIDIA distributor, contact WIDIA Products Group at 800.979.4342 or search our distributor finder.

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