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At the core of this strategically assembled group of proven solutions is a specific selection of the ISO Turning portfolio. This group contains a number of inserts for turning applications in steel, cast iron, stainless and high-temp alloys in rough or finish turning.

WIDIA Victory ISO Turning inserts have been specially engineered to operate under an array of cutting conditions from finishing to roughing. These ISO Turning solutions can be applied to a wide group of industries across the planet, making them the ideal product for distribution channels to invest in.

ISO Turning Solutions (2019)


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Aerospace Industry

Did You Know?

Increased cutting temperatures, can lead to a limited speed capability. Victory Turning Grade WS25PT ™ has an advanced PVD coating. This coating creates greater wear resistance at increased temperatures and higher speeds allowing for longer tool life.


Energy Industry

Did You Know?

WP35CT, WM35CT grade, featured on many WIDIA Victory Insert series offers the required insert toughness combined with enhanced wear resistance to increase tool life in general roughing situations..



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