GT22 • Metric DIN 2174 • Form C Semi-Bottoming Entry Taper

Victory™ Forming Taps HSS-E-PM • Blind and Through Holes

Features and Benefits

  • WP31MG TiN for steel.
  • WN38MG DLC for aluminum.


GT22 • Form C Semi-Bottoming Entry Taper • Metric DIN 2174 • For Steel and Aluminum

order numberWP31MGWN38MGD1 sizeLL3L2Ddimension standardclass of fit
4154671 »GT225001M3 X 0,5566183,5DIN 21746HX
4158495 »GT225016M3 X 0,5566183,5DIN 21746HX
4154672 »GT225002M4 X 0,7637214,5DIN 21746HX
4158496 »GT225017M4 X 0,7637214,5DIN 21746HX
4154673 »GT225003M5 X 0,8708256,0DIN 21746HX
4158497 »GT225018M5 X 0,8708256,0DIN 21746HX
4154674 »GT225004M6 X 18010306,0DIN 21746HX
4158498 »GT225019M6 X 18010306,0DIN 21746HX
4154679 »GT225009M8 X 19010358,0DIN 21746HX
4158513 »GT225024M8 X 19010358,0DIN 21746HX
4154675 »GT225005M8 X 1,259014358,0DIN 21746HX
4158499 »GT225020M8 X 1,259014358,0DIN 21746HX
4154680 »GT225010M10 X 190103510,0DIN 21746HX
4158514 »GT225025M10 X 190103510,0DIN 21746HX
4154681 »GT225011M10 X 1,25100163910,0DIN 21746HX
4158515 »GT225026M10 X 1,25100163910,0DIN 21746HX
4154676 »GT225006M10 X 1,5100163910,0DIN 21746HX
4158500 »GT225021M10 X 1,5100163910,0DIN 21746HX
4154682 »GT225012M12 X 1,25100159,0DIN 21746HX
4158516 »GT225027M12 X 1,25100159,0DIN 21746HX
4154683 »GT225013M12 X 1,5100159,0DIN 21746HX
4158517 »GT225028M12 X 1,5100159,0DIN 21746HX
4154677 »GT225007M12 X 1,75110189,0DIN 21746HX
4158501 »GT225022M12 X 1,75110189,0DIN 21746HX
4154684 »GT225014M14 X 1,51001511,0DIN 21746HX
4158518 »GT225029M14 X 1,51001511,0DIN 21746HX
4154685 »GT225015M16 X 1,51001512,0DIN 21746HX
4158519 »GT225030M16 X 1,51001512,0DIN 21746HX
4154678 »GT225008M16 X 21102212,0DIN 21746HX
4158502 »GT225023M16 X 21102212,0DIN 21746HX

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