One geometry to cover two material groups in modular drilling.

TDMX Body — Technical Details

1. Pocket Seat

Extra-stable pocket seat design to increase stability to securely face high-demanding applications.

2. Margins

Margin lands on the entire body length to ensure the straightness and increased hole quality.

3. Flanged Shank

Increase the overall drill stability, above all in deep-drilling applications.

4. SL Shank

Cylindrical shank with flat: suitable for machining centers, as well as turning centers.

5. Polished Flutes

Improved chip evacuation.

6. Front Clamping

Two standard screws to clamp and unclamp the insert, without disassembling the tool from the holder.

7. Coolant Channels

Coolant Channels Coolant channel exit right behind the cutting edge.

TDMX Pocket Seat — Technical Details

1. Double-Seating Angle

Ensure the maximum stability under severe cutting conditions.

2. Gash

Gash is included in the carbide tip geometry to protect the steel body from the chips.

4. Clamping Screw

Front clamping for an easy-to-change insert.

5. Ejection Pin

Necessary to remove the insert due to the extreme tight pocket seat tolerance.

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