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“We have always done it that way.”

Don't let this be your mantra for machining methods. Instead, manufacturing companies must adjust methods to stay competitive globally. You need to produce parts more efficiently and accurately. Education is key to staying competitive. The Knowledge Center knows this. We teach the latest machining practices and focus on the process, regardless of the tooling brand you use. Because it doesn't matter what brand of tooling you use if you aren't machining by the best method.


The Premier Source for Metalcutting Education

The Knowledge Center believes metalworking is a science, not an art. We teach principles and facts in a non-commercial way.We offer comprehensive application engineering courses; industry- and application-specific courses, customer onsite programs, and the online-based certified metalcutting professional (CMP) program. Courses range from online to in-person classes over several days.

Upcoming Programmes 

Regional Metalcutting Application Engineering Course - (3 Days)

The Regional Metalcutting Application Course is designed to provide a broad base of knowledge for the selection and use of metalcutting tools.The courses will be provided throughout Major industrial Hubs in India.

Authorized Distributor Training - Duration: 5 days

The Authorized Channel Partner Training Program is designed to provide a broad base of knowledge for the selection and use of metalcutting tools. This course is divided into 10 sections with each including lecture, lab and machine demonstrations.

Certified Metalcutting Professional ONLINE Course

The Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP) program is designed to demystify the metal cutting process and to provide defined and common selection criteria for all metalcutting tools.

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