WIDIA Supply Chain Services

Delivering the industries best practices and optimal solutions to manage tools and supplies, reduce costs, and increase operational effectiveness!


Secure high capacity solutions.

The 28 LEVEL cabinet provides higher capacity within the same footprint as the current 20 LEVEL WIDIA ToolBOSS cabinet. Incorporating many unique features, the 28 LEVEL WIDIA ToolBOSS cabinet is the latest development in secure inventory management.

Combined with our powerful WIDIA ToolBOSS Management Software, the 28 LEVEL cabinet provides a versatile high-capacity solution to meet the unpredictable challenges of logistics and supply chain management.

  • Cut tooling inventory
  • Uniquely reconfigurability
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Reduced cost per location
  • 24/7 stock availability
  • Decrease tooling spend
  • Accountability
  • Up to 10 frames operated from one PC

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