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Cutting Tool Advisor

Rules-Based Approach To Provide Cutting Tool Recommendations

The Cutting Tool Advisor uses a rules-based approach to provide cutting tool recommendations based on machining features (e.g., shoulder, pocket, blind hole, etc.), and their requirements (e.g., geometric, material, tolerance, etc.) while considering machining sequences (e.g., single operation, rough then finish, or multi-step operations).

Ranked Results Based On WIDIA™ Knowledge

NOVO™ then ranks these results based on proprietary WIDIA knowledge to best meet the challenges of the application as defined by customer requirements, operating environment, and user preferences.

Cutting Tool Selector

Product Search Options

The Cutting Tool Selector in the application provides users with a method of selecting cutting tools from a tree structure either via a hierarchy or parametric search. If a customer knows exactly which product they are looking for, a Quick Search can be performed by providing either a catalog number or product description.

Attribute "Smart" Filters For Quick Tool Selection

By using a system of “smart” filters or attributes, NOVO™ can significantly reduce the amount of potential products that are available to do the job. NOVO™ smart filters take the task of selecting all cutting tool components from hours to minutes.

Applicable Cutting And Adaptive Item Options

After the tool item is selected, NOVO™ also provides cutting and adaptive item options that fit with that particular solution.

Cutting Tool Configurator

Cutting Tool Configurator Setup

Once a tool is added to the list, the Cutting Tool Configurator is automatically activated to easily build cutting tool assemblies.

Downloadable Assembled 3D Models

Utilizing “fits-with” and “works-with” knowledge, the configurator provides assembled 3D models of components in real-time, compatible with most CAD-CAM systems, that are available for download at the click of a button.

Job Functionality

Cloud-Based Tool List Repository

Job Functionality is a cloud-based repository that is linked to a user via a unique ID. Previous tool lists can be stored here for future use, accessed via multiple types of devices, and edited, copied, and shared with others.

Downloadable Tool List Reports

Tool lists created by the user can be easily downloaded into attractive, standard reports and can include information such as:

  • dimensional data and various weights used
  • feeds and speeds
  • pictures and models
Tool lists that are shared will automatically be added to a receiver’s job list on the cloud, and can be converted into a shopping cart for purchasing via Konnect. Reports can be copied and pasted into enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), or other software-based applications as necessary.

Export Cutting Tool Models

Exporting Cutting Tool Models

Export models, dimensions, and feeds and speeds into your CAM, Tool Management, Pre-setters, and other digital systems.

Compatible with Many Cloud Partners

NOVO can export to cloud partners such as Esprit®, speroni, tdmsystems, TopSolid, WinTool®, VIMANA, Zoller®, Mastercam®, and CGTech Vericut®.




Changing the Way Work Gets Done

NOVO is an on-demand digital assistant with data-rich machining strategies that will optimize your productivity every step of the way — from parts quoting through programming, presetting, and production.