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WIDIA™ TOP DRILL™ Modular X (TDMX) is the ultimate choice for high-demanding drilling  applications when stability and reliability are required.


  • Standard cutter bodies in 3 x D, 5 x D, and 8 x D lengths.
  • Insert diameter range from .629" up to 1.574" (16mm up to 40mm.).
  • One geometry and grade to cover steel and cast iron applications.

Easy to Apply

  • Front clamping design. No need to disassemble the body from the holder to change insert.
  • Easy insert nomenclature logic to identify the targeted material group.

Increased Stability and Performance

  • Highly engineered pocket seat design to ensure maximum stability, even in challenging applications like cross hole, inclined entry/exit, and interrupted cuts.
  • Suitable for high feed rates.
  • Flanged shank for higher rigidity.
  • Polished flutes for improved chip evacuation.
  • Brand new WP40PD grade for longer tool life in steel and cast iron applications.

TDMX - Tube Sheet Drilling

Material: Fe510/1.0553/A441

Condition: Rough Surface