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VXF™ — 4-Edged, Victory™ X-Feed™ Mills

VXF™ — 4-Edged, Victory™ X-Feed™ Mills

VXF is a high-feed productivity booster designed to establish new industry standards with market-leading milling grades like WS40PM.

VXF™-12 Series

  • VXF-12: Ap1 max: .098"
  • VXF-12: fz max: .078" IPT
  • 16.5° lead angle redistributes cutting forces in the spindle z-axis direction.
  • Feed rates up to .078” IPT significantly reduce machining cycle times.
  • Optimized cutter body and chip gash design perfectly serves high-feed requirements. 
  • PSTS inserts for powerful low cost per edge high-feed milling. 
  • Cutters with internal coolant supply. 
  • Nickel-plated surface protection.