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DA 01 Double Angle Locknuts

Product specifications
Product # 1022886
ISO Catalog Number LN301
ANSI Catalog Number LN301
Catalog Collet Series DA300
Lock Nut Diameter [D11] .8640
[WF] Width of Flat Inch .7500
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DA01 Locknut Hex

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade Catalog Collet Series Lock Nut Diameter [D11] [WF] Width of Flat Inch [G3]CL_CONN_THD_SIZE_MS_INT
1021918 NP101 NP101 DA100
1022886 LN301 LN301 DA300 .8640 .7500 .625
1021950 LN181 LN181 DA180 2.017 1.750 1.625
1022884 LN201 LN201 DA200 1.440 1.250 1.125
1021920 NP201 NP201 DA200
1022702 NP181 NP181 DA180
1022726 NP301 NP301 DA300