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High-Performance DUO-λOCK® Modular End Mills • HARVI™

HARVI II • UDDV • Unequal Flute Spacing

Features and benefits
  • Unequal flute spacing and variable helix configuration minimize chatter and harmonics for smoother machining.

  • Non-center cutting.

  • Ramping up to 3°.

  • Five-flute geometry able to slot up to 1 x D.

  • Single tool for both roughing and finishing, reducing setups.

  • Standard items listed. Additional styles and coatings made-to-order.
Please specify your desire dimensions and tolerances in the Product Specifications table below.
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Product Usage

Inserts and Holder Bodies for DUO-λOCK® • HARVI II • UDDV • 5-Flute • Inch

DUO-λOCK® • HSK63 Form A • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • PSC63 • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • CV40 • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • BT40 • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • SL Cylindrical • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • SL Conical • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • Conical cut off to modify length • Inch
DUO-λOCK® • Cylindrical cut off to modify length • Inch
DUO-λOCK® Torque Wrench
DUO-LOCK™ • Double-Handed Wrench Kit