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      TOP DRILL FLAT with Through Coolant
      TOP DRILL FLAT with Through Coolant
      TOP DRILL FLAT with Through Coolant
      TOP DRILL FLAT with Through Coolant

      TDF511A/WU20PD • TDF521A/WN15HD • A-Shank • 3 x D

      TOP DRILL FLAT with Through Coolant

      SAP Material Number 6197085
      ISO Catalog Number TDF511A06000
      ANSI Catalog Number TDF511A06000
      Grade WU20PD
      [D1] Drill Diameter M 6.0000
      [D1] Drill Diameter M .2362
      [L] Overall Length 66.0000
      [L] Overall Length 2.598
      [L3] Flute Length 28.0000
      [L3] Flute Length 1.102
      [L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 20.0000
      [L4] Maximum Drilling Depth .7874
      [LS] Shank Length 36.0
      [LS] Shank Length 1.417
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 6.0
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter .2362
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      Uses and application

      • DrillingDrilling
      • Drilling: Inclined EntryDrilling: Inclined Entry
      • Drilling: Inclined ExitDrilling: Inclined Exit
      • Drilling: X-OffsetDrilling: X-Offset
      • Drilling: Flat BottomDrilling: Flat Bottom
      • Drilling: Stacked PlatesDrilling: Stacked Plates
      • Drilling: ConvexDrilling: Convex
      • Chain DrillingChain Drilling
      • Drilling: Cross-Hole DrillingDrilling: Cross-Hole Drilling
      • Drilling: Corner Drilling 45°Drilling: Corner Drilling 45°
      • Drilling Depth: 3xDrilling Depth: 3x
      • Corner Style: Corner ChamferCorner Style: Corner Chamfer
      • Corner Style: Square EndCorner Style: Square End
      • Shank - Cylindrical  Plain ≤h6Shank - Cylindrical Plain ≤h6
      • Helix Angle: 30°Helix Angle: 30°
      • 3856338563
      • 3855038550
      • Drilling - Through CoolantDrilling - Through Coolant
      • Through Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): DrillingThrough Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): Drilling
      • Tool Dimensions: 2flute/4margin/coolantTool Dimensions: 2flute/4margin/coolant

      Workpiece Materials

      P Steel
      M Stainless Steel
      K Cast Iron
      S High-Temp Alloys

      Features and benefits

      • Flat bottom drill with through coolant.

      • Application specific SC Drills design to reduce the number of operations when: 1) a flat bottom hole is needed, eliminating the needs of an additional SC End Mill; 2) is necessary the preparation on an inclined or curved surface.

      • Four-margin land design to improve hole straightness and roundness. Increased stability even in crossing holes operations.

      • Creates full flat bottom holes.

      • Two grades to cover the majority of the workpiece materials.


      • WN15HD
        N Non-Ferrous
      • WU20PD

        Composition: With a multilayered PVD TiN-TiAlN coating, a high-quality submicron carbide substrate and a state-of-the-art surface condition, this grade gives the highest level of wear resistance at high cutting speeds.
        Application: First choice for alloyed and high-alloyed steels and cast irons. A state-of-the-art surface condition enables superior chip evacuation even when MQL is applied.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
        K Cast Iron
        S High-Temp Alloys
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