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Face Mills • M660 Series

Inserts • SN1205..

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XNKT-12 Wiper

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade Insert Num of Cutting Edges [D] Insert IC Size Metric [D] Insert IC Size Inch [L10] Ins Cut Edge Length mm [L10] Ins Cut Edge Length In [S] Insert Thickness Metric [S] Insert Thickness Inch [BS]Corner Facet Length Metric [BS] Corner Facet Length Inch Average Chip Thickness [HM] Average Chip Thickness [HM]
2015264 XNKT1205AZTR12 XNKT1205AZTR12 TN7525 1 12,70 .5000 12,70 .5000 5,154 .2030 8 .3150 0,035 .0014

Product Usage


  • TN7525

    Coated carbide grade TN7525 has an MT-CVD-TiN-TiCN-Al203-TiN coating. Engineered for light
    and medium machining of all steels and nodular cast irons.

Inserts and Holder Bodies for XNKT-12 Wiper • SN1205..

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SNKT-21 • SN1205..
SNMT-31 • SN1205..
SNKT-31 • SN1205..
XNKT-11 Wiper • SN1205..
SNMT-31 • SN1505..
SNKT-31 • SN1505..
M660 • Weldon® Shank SN1205.. • Metric
M660 • Shell Mills SN1205.. • Metric
M660 • Shell Mills SN1505.. • Metric
M660 • Shell Mills SN1205.. • Inch