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Mandriles de macho de roscar de ángulo doble solo tensión DA J, K & L

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Adapter Front-End
Front End Type
  • SZK - Collet Taper (3)
Front End Style
  • SZK06 Tap Collets D-N (3)
Gage Length
  • 95.2500 (1)
Gage Length
  • 3.7500 (1)
Front End Size
  • 13.69 (1)
Front End Size
  • 0.539 (1)
  • DA Collets (3)
Tool Unit
  • I (3)
  • M (3)
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Herramientas de mango recto

Mandriles de macho de roscar de doble ángulo solo tensión de las series de macho de roscar DA J, K y L
(3 Products)
  • Mango —  Liso  cilíndricoMango — Liso cilíndrico
  • Compensation: Tension OnlyCompensation: Tension Only
  • Refrigeración —  Sin refrigeraciónRefrigeración — Sin refrigeración
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SAP Material Number ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number [CST] Catalog Collet Series [D11] Lock Nut Diameter [D11] Lock Nut Diameter [L] Overall Length [L] Overall Length [LS] Shank Length [LS] Shank Length [L9] Clamping Length [L9] Clamping Hole Length [LTN] Slide Tension [LTN] Slide Tension [WF] Distance Across Flats [WF] Distance Across Flats Torque Catalog Foot Pounds Weight Pounds [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter
1017627 SS075TOJ712 SS075TOJ712 J 21.4630 .8450 180.9750 7.125 138.125 5.438 51.0000 2.007 12.7000 .5000 14.2700 .5620 40 0.72 19.05 .75
    1017629 SS100TOK700 SS100TOK700 K 27.0000 1.063 177.8120 7.000 138.124 5.438 37.3380 1.470 19.0500 .7500 19.050 .7500 45 1.24 25.4 1.0
      1017631 SS100TOL750 SS100TOL750 L 37.9730 1.495 190.5000 7.500 95.25 3.75 40.3860 1.590 19.0500 .7500 28.5800 1.125 60 2.08 25.4 1.0
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