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Unique 8-Edged Solution for Shoulder and Face Milling

  • Weldon® End Mills: 1.25" and 1.5" (32mm)
  • Shell Mills: 2–10" (40–250mm)


  • True 0° wall and stepping down capability. 
  • Axial depth of cut capability; Ap1 max up to .386" (9,8mm). 
  • Optimized chip gash design for proper chip evacuation. 
  • User-friendly pocket numbering system. 
  • Cutter bodies with internal coolant supply. 
  • Less bur creation on the workpiece.


  1. Face milling.
  2. Full slotting with 100% radial engagement.
  3. Shoulder milling with stepping down and great wall finish.
  4. Shoulder milling with low axial and high radial engagement.
  5. Shoulder milling with low radial and high axial engagement.
  6. HPC face milling. First choice to clean up castings.
  7. Dynamic/trochoidal slot milling.
  8. Z-axis plunge milling.
  9. Z-axis contour plunge milling.
  10. Z-axis zig-zag slot plunge milling.

Best Practices

  • True 0° roughing tool with embedded finishing capabilities all in one tool.
  • Best-in-class wall finish with VSM890-12 in axial stepping-down jobs.
  • For many shop floor setups, no additional finishing is required resulting in shorter machining time and lower tooling cost