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Customer Testimonial: Delivering Aerospace Solutions to WiPro Givon

Machining is a pivotal part of the aerospace component development process. WIDIA partnered with Wipro Givon, an aerostructure provider, to reduce machining cycle times on aerospace components that will enable airplanes to operate. Watch this video to learn about the WIDIA-WIPRO relationship and how it affects the aerospace market.

We like the expertise of the WIDIA team, the reactiveness, the comprehensive technical consulting, including on-site assistance. WIDIA is working on the concepts not only on the tools, it is about the entire process, how we combine the machinery that we have or maybe the machinery that we are going to buy in the near future, with the right piece of the material, the right way to clamp it, to the machine and the right kind of tooling.​

Goni Letzter, VP of Business Development, WiPro Givon



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For more than 90 years WIDIA™ brand products and services have defined excellence in innovative technology, speed and reliability. From indexable milling, solid end milling, holemaking, turning,  tapping and tooling systems – WIDIA offers a broad range of solutions to customers around the globe.

Match the most expansive portfolio of precision-engineered metal cutting products and engineered solution services with a global, specialized network of Authorized Distributor partners and you have the tools – and the power that comes only with WIDIA.



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