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Screw-On Adapters

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  • HSK100 (1)
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  • HSK100A (1)
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  • HSK100A (1)
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HSK100A Shank Tools

HSK Shank Tools

HSK100A Shank Tools

HSK 100A and 40E Shank Tools

ISO - HSK100AST16237M
ANSI - HSK100AST16237M
Grade - N/A
Product # 4061414
Web Title ISO ANSI All Star Product #
HSK Shank Tools HSK100AST16187M HSK100AST16187M No 4061413
HSK Shank Tools HSK100AST16137M HSK100AST16137M No 4061402
HSK Shank Tools HSK100AST16087M HSK100AST16087M No 4061401
HSK Shank Tools HSK100AST12237M HSK100AST12237M No 4061400
HSK Shank Tools HSK100AST12187M HSK100AST12187M No 4061399
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