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COVID-19: How WIDIA is responding

Recent Webinars

Aerospace Machining Trends Webinar

As demand for new aircrafts continues to grow, the need for supply chain optimization is even more prevalent in 2020. The combination of massive aircraft backlogs, development of new technology, and exotic material requirements contribute to the need for improvements in the manufacturing process.

WIDIA supports the timely delivery of advanced material components by reducing cycle time and machining costs at aerospace accounts around the globe. As a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, WIDIA has prioritized the development of machining strategies and innovative cutting tools developed specifically to machine components in the aerospace industry. 

What You Will Learn:

  • WIDIA Machining Brilliance: How the combination of tooling technology, machining strategy and experience helps customers optimize manufacturing processes
  • WIDIA Shining Moments: Success Stories where customers achieved cycle time savings as well as component cost reduction.
  • Win with WIDIA: Our experts at your fingertips to answer your questions
  • Market Trends