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COVID-19: How WIDIA is responding

Race to IMTS Focused on Helping Shops Increase Their Speed

Race to IMTS logo 2018 Race to IMTS logo 2018

Latrobe, PA – WIDIA announces “The Race to IMTS,” a competition focused around challenging distributors and end-customers across the United States, Canada and Mexico to increase their speed through new cutting tool and programming technologies.

WIDIA, a manufacturer of high-quality carbide metal cutting tools, and CNC Software, Inc., creators of the Mastercam CAD-CAM Software, are the hosts of the race. The Race to IMTS will feature 12 regional training events in the summer of 2018. Attendees will receive training on the latest machining and tooling technologies at a professional indoor go-kart racing facility, where each attendee will have an opportunity to race their way to a complimentary trip to IMTS 2018 and participate in the final event on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.

The campaign which leads up to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), is targeted at getting customers to analyze productivity opportunities, with the help of cutting tool and programming experts.  

“We know that visitors are looking for new technology to be competitive when they visit IMTS, but we thought, how could we bring a little bit of that experience throughout the year, even to those who do not visit IMTS. The Race to IMTS brings some of the latest technology to the customer in their shop,” Chris Merlin, Global Director of Marketing for WIDIA.

“Education is a big part of improving productivity, so when WIDIA offered us the opportunity to deliver 12 training events this summer, designed to increase customers speed in machining as part of the lead up to IMTS, we knew it would be a great opportunity. Adding the racing element with tie-in to IMTS really brings it full circle about the need for customers to be consistently improving their machining speeds,” Graham Hargreaves, Marketing Manager, CNC Software.

Customers can sign up for an on-site productivity improvement session, learn about the Race to IMTS Training Events, and enter to win a free trip to IMTS 2018 in the Race to IMTS Sweepstakes at www.widia.com/racetoIMTS.