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BT30 Shank Tools

Drill Chucks • Whistle Notch™ Adapters

Product specifications
Product # 3582592
ISO Catalog Number BT30DC08092M
ANSI Catalog Number BT30DC08092M
[D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS mm 0,500
[D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS In .0197
[D1MAX] Adapt/BoreDia WKPS mm 8
[D1MAX] Adapt/BoreDia WKPS In .3150
[D2]Body Dia 1 Workpce Side mm 37,50
[L1]Gage Length 1 Metric 99,60
[L1S] Secondary Tool Length mm 92
Torque Newton Meters 25
Weight Pounds 2.89
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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS mm [D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS In [D1MAX] Adapt/BoreDia WKPS mm [D1MAX] Adapt/BoreDia WKPS In [D2]Body Dia 1 Workpce Side mm [L1]Gage Length 1 Metric [L1S] Secondary Tool Length mm Torque Newton Meters Weight Pounds
3582592 BT30DC08092M BT30DC08092M 0,500 .0197 8 .3150 37,50 99,60 92 25 2.89

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Drilling - No Coolant
  • Shank - Cylindrical Plain
  • Shank - SK BT JIS B 6339