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KM Micro™ Cutting Units

Top Notch™ Threading and Grooving

Product specifications
Product # 3180675
ISO Catalog Number KM16NSL220HPC
ANSI Catalog Number KM16NSL220HPC
[CSMS]System Size Machine Side KM16
[F] F Dimension Metric 10
[H1] Cutting Height Metric 2
[L1] Tool Length Metric 20
Catalog Gage Insert 1 NG2L
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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [CSMS]System Size Machine Side [F] F Dimension Metric [H1] Cutting Height Metric [L1] Tool Length Metric Catalog Gage Insert 1
3180674 KM16NSR220HPC KM16NSR220HPC KM16 10 2 20 NG2R
3180675 KM16NSL220HPC KM16NSL220HPC KM16 10 2 20 NG2L

Spare Parts for NS-HPC • KM Micro™ Cutting Units OD Application