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Slotting Cutter Adapters

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CAT50 Shank Tools

CAT Shank Tools

CAT50 Shank Tools

Shell Mill Adapters with Through Coolant • Slotting Cutter Adapters

ISO - CV50SA150400
ANSI - CV50SA150400
Grade - N/A
Product # 2461125
Web Title ISO ANSI All Star Product #
CAT Shank Tools CV50SA125400 CV50SA125400 No 2461124
CAT Shank Tools CV50SA100600 CV50SA100600 No 2461123
CAT Shank Tools CV50SA062400 CV50SA062400 No 1261878
CAT Shank Tools CV50SA200600 CV50SA200600 No 1026244
CAT Shank Tools CV50SA150600 CV50SA150600 No 1026223
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