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    Proven Solutions 

Products included in the All-Star program were chosen based on their proven performance and popularity. These industry-leading solutions combine versatility and productivity to deliver savings.

Easy To Find

It is easy to recommend All-Star on-the-go or in the shop while using tools like the NOVO tool advisor or the Machining Central app. To view All-Star products on widia.com, use the All-Star filter.

Always Available

All-Star products are held to the highest availability standards. This means products that are flagged as All-Star feature same-day shipping for all orders received before 6 pm EST/ 4 pm CET. *Standard commercial terms and  conditions apply.

What tools are included in All-Star?

Each region has a different group of specially-selected tools.

You could be getting tools with same day shipping!

Using a different brand of tools and want to try WIDIA All-Star? See if your current tool has a WIDIA All-Star match.

Cutting tools are not the same in every market. To commit to our customers’ needs we have selected a group of both versatile and application-specific tools that have proven to be strong performers in the market. That group was reviewed and narrowed down by quality, future manufacturing availability and market need. Eventually we came up with a group of products, made them readily available to order with quick delivery and called them All-Star.

Proven solutions.

Always available when you need them the most.

Chat with our customer application support (CAS) team to find out if you could be getting your tools hassle free by clicking the chat button on the bottom right corner or call at 1 800 835 3668.